The Prompt Machine

Fictioneers! O Fictioneers!

All stories can be boiled down to the following:

A wants B but can’t have it because of C.

or, put simply:

Character + Desire + Conflict = Story

Below you will find exactly one million possible variations on that equation. They may not all work together, but most will. Some options are gendered to save space; allow your character(s) to be whatever you need or want them to be.

We supply the players and the conflict. You find and write the story. After all, that’s why you’re here.

Your next story is about:

 A character  who wants  something  but  has a problem .

Pick a character Pick a goal Pick a conflict
A retiree a milkshake is a hypochondriac
An amateur boxer to see her daughter is slowly going blind
A ghost someone to say, “it’ll be okay” is unemployed
Your mother to knit a scarf has an evil twin
A prison inmate to lose his virginity is a mute
A five-star general a puppy lost his prosthesis
A lingerie model to be an astronaut is agoraphobic
A line cook to attend Bear Week has a stalker
A puppy to talk to you one last time has a skin disease
Lady Gaga to stop drinking has just declared bankruptcy
A high school student to have a child is afraid of strangers
A single parent to go to a matinee has severe allergies
A flight attendant to fall in love was recently widowed
A bank teller a clear complexion is an alcoholic
A butcher to get a tattoo is claustrophobic
A dog walker to stop dieting is unable to speak the local language
An Olympic hopeful to be famous is compulsively untrusting
A knife thrower a new car is a fugitive
A stand-up comedian to travel the world is an illegal immigrant
A talk radio host to learn how to juggle is cripplingly shy
A city council member to get married is a high school drop-out
A pediatrician a career change has a weak bladder
A patient in a psychiatric ward to kill her neighbor is afraid of heights
An ER nurse to find his biological parents has seventeen cats
A painter to go to a museum has scars over 80% of his body
A grad student to learn how to fly a plane is germophobic
A real estate agent to tell a believable lie is addicted to video games
A local TV news anchor a clean house is still in love with an ex
A new mother to have an affair has a severe stutter
A comic book author a better cell phone suffers erectile dysfunction
A day care teacher to move to a new city is a control freak
A marginally-famous singer-songwriter her mother to be cured is never home
A male model some fresh fruit has overwhelming debt
A fast food employee to solve a crime is a quadriplegic
An alcoholic to learn to read is obsessed with Tom Cruise
Your best friend a college scholarship is a chain smoker
The President your mother regularly forgets to bathe
An astronaut his ex back is a registered sex offender
A Broadway chorus girl a vacation is addicted to pornography
The girl next door to learn Spanish speaks in a fake Scottish accent
Judy Bloom to lose weight is a spy
A graphic designer to be brave is stranded on a desert island
A homeless child a gourmet meal won’t get out of bed
A cattle rancher the girl next door has a tail
A plane crash survivor a reality tv show refuses to wear a necessary hearing aid
A touring dance troupe a kiss goodnight is a dullard
A performance artist his own theme song has no support from his spouse
A runaway to learn calculus has an aggressive cancer
A World War I veteran new clothes is addicted to crack
A political reporter to forget the past is overwhelmingly lonely
A “Mommy-Blogger” a personal trainer was recently indicted
The CEO of a multinational corporation to backpack through Europe is autistic
A prosecutor someone to throw her a surprise party is obsessed with finding Bigfoot
The intern in the Mickey Mouse outfit to run away is a nymphomaniac
Hannah Montana’s biggest fan plastic surgery is a bully
A Holocaust denier to meet her favorite actor is convinced he’ll never be understood
A carpenter extra money for childcare has no thumbs
An evangelical preacher a divorce has run out of fuel
An assassin to be a hero has no idea where he is
A vampire a new bedroom set has to pay alimony
An intergalactic bounty hunter to ask out the barista is a horse fetishist
A Naval officer to go back to school never says what he means
The adult child of a major celebrity to learn to play the banjo is a coward
An Amish teenager to try heroin is too lazy
A missionary to become a drug dealer can’t find his car
An exchange student to be funny has misplaced her dentures
A personal trainer her parents to love her was raised by wolves
A bus driver a regular life prefers to pay for sex
A mechanical engineer a do-over is an assassin
A professional grammarian to join the Marines is stuck in traffic
A Holocaust survivor to write a novel is being chased by zombies
A poet a fatal disease is trapped beneath something heavy
A political activist to be a farmer is being held hostage
Lil’ Kim to help orphans is lost at sea
A New Yorker to be cool has faked her own death
The editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine her secretary is imaginary
A photojournalist a nap can’t tell dreams from reality
An Elvis impersonator a superpower is a vampire
A self-declared mama’s boy a friend is abnormally flatulent
A newly-out gay adult a mentor has been turned into a bug
A street musician to dabble in S&M is a fraud
A chambermaid someone to hold her hand has been wrongly imprisoned
An aspiring author his own apartment is the last of his kind
The lead fundraiser at a non-profit breakfast in bed is your mother
A salesman to be picked up in a bar is in exile
A research scientist boxing lessons has been cursed
An archaeologist a manicure has severe OCD
A resident of the International Space Station a cheeseburger gave away all of her belongings
A librarian a poem written about her has no friends
An elementary school teacher to be a fireman mutates after sunset
A suicide bomber to be a dancer feels compelled to kill
A social worker to be spanked hears voices
A mathematician to be excited again is invisible
A mutant a better lunch option is guileless
A Rotary Club member someone to read to was recently knifed in a mugging
A barfly a vasectomy believes he’s the star of a tv show
A prostitute a meaningful conversation hates himself
An auto mechanic a reason to get out of bed is a compulsive liar
A mail carrier one more day with her father is stuck in someone else’s story
A non-tenured professor to commit suicide is possessed